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Linking Impressions

Since our founding in 1981, we have been supported by many clients.

One day, a female student came to look for an apartment to live alone for the first time.
In the summer of her first year living there, she had a bug infestation in the middle of the night, and was so impressed by the ResQ staff who rushed in to exterminate the bugs that she wrote a thank you letter to us.
More than 20 years later, the same client came to our office with her daughter, happily saying, “Now I want you to help me find an apartment for my daughter.”

These little stories have become a common occurrence in our company operations.
Naturally, the staff that helped the young lady 20 years ago is not the same staff that helped her daughter, but our philosophy and principles of action have been universal and unchanging since our founding.

And then one day we realized. We received many thank-you notes and letters from our clients. Sometimes we were able to help them find apartments for two generations, and we, the ones who were supposed to be creating impressions, were even more moved than they were.

When our services exceed our customers’ expectations, “satisfaction” turns into “a last impression.”
Our mission is to continue this “chain of impressions” that has continued for more than 40 years since our founding.

The Essence of a Challenging Corporate Culture

While our main business is conventional leasing, management, and sales, Nihon Agent has been ahead of the industry in creating unprecedented real estate business models such as the “Staffless Shop (patented),” an unmanned real estate store, the “ResQ Center,” and “wagaya Japan.”
This is due to our belief that the target of our challenge is always “customer trends and changes,” and not “competitors in the same industry.” We believe that our future lies beyond hypothesis testing focused on the changing times and changing customer needs.

We see the recent global digital innovation as a great opportunity for us. In the future, the concept of corporate size advantage will disappear, and customers will favor superior services and companies.

This means that we are much closer to the idea of “becoming a Good (first-class company) rather than Big (giant company),” which is what we truly value. By no means does Big = Good, as defined by Nihon Agent. The distinction between “Big” and “Good” is that Big prioritizes expansion of scale and sales, while Good prioritizes being chosen by our customers.
We will continue to evolve to become a Good (first-class) company that is a source of pride for the local community and for Japan.

We are now in our “second founding period” and will continue to evolve further. Expect great things that lie ahead for Nihon Agent as we take on a new wave of challenges.

Nihon Agent CEO
Haruki Noma

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