Systematize and practice what you cannot see

The philosophy and principles of action at Nihon Agent are formed around the basic principles of “Purpose,” “Vision,” and “Value.” These are the foundation on which all strategies and projects are born. We will prove our reason for existence by systematizing, instilling, and practicing this invisible corporate culture.


Create Impressions,
Create Value,
Create Stories.

It has been more than 40 years since Nihon Agent was founded.
During that time, we have considered what we value, what we find rewarding, and what we would like to offer to the world in the future, and have redefined our reason for existence.

It creates impressions by exceeding the expectations of everyone involved, it creates value by shaping common sense, and it creates stories in every encounter and event.
Rather than making a big impact that will change the world, we first create small impressions with the people right in front of us.
We believe that the accumulation of these small values will result in stories that people will want to share with others.


The Realization of Good Over Big

We will create a “Good” company rather than a “Big” company.
A giant company places the highest priority on expanding its scale.
A first-class company places the highest priority on being chosen by its customers.


Integrating Work & Play

People who consider their work as their duty and just work hard are not happy.
Nor is a person who finds pleasure in something other than work and pursues only hobbies.
A person who finds enjoyment in his or her work and elevates work to the level of play is truly happy.

By embodying these principles and aspirations, through housing we aim to be a company of which the local community and the world can be proud.

If you have any questions about our services,
or if you are a member of the media and would like to request an interview,
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